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High CBD Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Different from the rest

We manage the process from genetics to growth to extraction,

creating the finest High CBD products on the market.

Proven CBD Cannabis strains

We work with professional cultivators to grow specific CBD strains with proven therapeutic benefits.

Full Extract Cannabis Oil

By using the whole Cannabis flowers and organic ethanol for extraction, we capture the full spectrum of beneficial compounds, allowing consumers to reap the full benefits of the plant.

Comprehensive Testing

To ensure accurate dosing and clean, safe medicine, we work with state-licensed testing laboratories to analyze  the cannabis and cannabis products multiple times throughout the growth and extraction process.

Pure Nature

We make it right the first time. That means using plants grown using strictly organic farming methods and pharmaceutical-grade cane ethanol to produce single-strain cannabis extracts. No additives — ever.

Our Products

Cannabis therapy is specific to each individual and the conditions being treated. We offer an array of extracts in CBD‐dominant ratios (CBD:THC), so you and your healthcare provider can choose which is best for you.


20+:1 CBD to THC

Floracy 20+:1 full extract cannabis oils are twenty or more parts CBD (cannabidiol) to one part THC by weight.  This product may be psychoactive when ingested, depending on individual dose and tolerance level to THC.


2:1 CBD to THC

Floracy 2:1 full extract cannabis oils are approximately two parts CBD (cannabidiol) to one part THC by weight.  This product is psychoactive when ingested.


1:1 CBD to THC

Floracy 1:1 full extract cannabis oils are approximately equal parts CBD (cannabidiol) and THC by weight.  This product is psychoactive when ingested.

  • Our product contains medical cannabis

Learn How High CBD Cannabis May Help With…

Scientific research has shown CBD & THC may be therapeutic for many conditions. Our friends at Project CBD have compiled hundreds of  articles in support of these therapeutic properties and which ailments they have helped to improve.



Alzheimer’s disease


Epilepsy & Seizures

Chronic Pain

Substance Abuse



Where To Find Our Full Extract Cannabis Oil:

Available only in the State of California in licensed cannabis dispensaries


Abatin Wellness Center

Abatin Wellness Center

2100 29th Street, Sacramento, 95817

(916) 822-5699


A Therapeutic Alternative

A Therapeutic Alternative

3015 H Street, Sacramento, 95816

(916) 822-4717


South Sacramento Care Center

114 Otto Circle, Sacramento, 95822

(916) 393- 182


515 Broadway Collective

515 Broadway Sacramento,  95818

(916) 222-2366


Bay Area

The Green Door

843 Howard Street, San Francisco, 94103

(415) 541-9590


(415) 541-9590


3033 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, 94705

(510) 849-4201


(510) 849-4201


2366 San Pablo Ave Berkeley,  94702




8440 Enterprise Way, Oakland,  94621



Nevada City

Elevation 2477'

569 Searls Ave.,
Nevada City, 95959



(415) 541-9590

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